Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Just Catching Up...

Man, time managent is a difficult skill to master! It has been a few weeks since I wrote anything here, so I figured I could drop a little line for everyone.

We're doing really good. Over the past few weeks, both Jessica's parents and my parents have come to visit us. I've sung in a few concerts with the "Seminarians," an all male vocal ensemble. And I've had a few tests and papers. All in all, life is busy.

Zachary is growing like a weed. Jessica cut his hair Sunday evening, and it looks good. It's pretty short, but I like it. Zachary is, however, obsessed with parades and beads. He is always playing parades in the house - marching, pretending to be on a float, throwing beads, etc. If we end up leaving New Orleans, he will be so heartbroken without those Mardi Gras parades.

I have been looking for a job, but nothing yet. I have my resume in to several engineering places, as well as about 6 churches. We're praying God will show us which one is right, and lead them to make us an offer. He has provided so far, no reason to think He will stop now.