Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bold Faith Via "24"

Wow. It's been almost a year and a half since I updated. No good. In that time, we've:
  • Celebrated our 5th Anniversary
  • Watched Zachary turn 4
  • Started as Worship Pastor for FBC St. Rose
  • Jessica started as a teacher at the NOBTS Preschool
  • Had another baby (Tyler, born June 17th, 2011)
  • Left my position at FBC St. Rose.
So, I guess I'm still looking for a job...maybe not much has changed after all.

As to the title of this post, if you know me well, or have known me long, you know that I love the show "24." While it might not be on Jon Acuff's list of things I shouldn't know exist, it is probably not the best TV show to enjoy as a Christian. Not many of Jack Bauer's actions or justifications echo Christ. Still, it was a wonderful show, and I do hope to see a feature film sometime soon.

But what does that have to do with "bold faith?" Well, again, if you know me, you know that I am a Twitter guy. I love it. I like following people, I like posting, I like staying connected.

Recently, I noticed that James Morrison, the actor who played Bill Buchanan on "24," was on Twitter. I decided to follow him, thinking I might see a few "24" related nuggets, and some interesting insight. What I got was a test of faith and paitience, and ultimately a growth of bold faith.

You see, Mr. Morrison and I disagree on almost everything he says politically, spiritually, and socially. However, I do believe it is his goal to make his followers think. He and I have bantered back-and-forth several times, and I have found that standing up for my beliefs in love has helped grow my faith to be bold.

Christ was bold. He didn't just say, "let's agree to disagree," and move on. He was vocal about who He was and what He was doing. He didn't hit people over the head or start wars, but He did challenge the authorities to drop the formal rituals and pretense, and worship God as we were intended to do. He challenged His believers to take the Gospel and share it with all; to love unconditionally; to be humble; to put others first. Now that is being bold.

So, while I am sure Mr. Morrison wouldn't agree with my conclusions, I do want to thank him for challenging me to remain steadfast in faith while showing love to all...even those who don't accept the Gospel as I do. I must follow my Savior as He calls me, no matter the cost, and no matter what others think. I must be bold.

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